At the hands of humans seeking control of nature, the hydrological cycle of our planet has been severely disturbed.  This has made millions more vulnerable to drought, flood, fire, drinking water scarcity, famine and disease.

The disturbance of earth’s water cycles is leading to extreme climate. We call these “natural” disasters, but there is nothing natural about them.

Examples of the solution all around the world.  By deciding to steward water, leaders have shown how landscapes can be rehydrated - and even whole rivers revived.  This is the result when human management of water undergoes an
Elemental Change.

This film illuminates how we got where we are, and how humans can act as the keystone species in the restoration of water cycles - re-greening deserts, re-balancing the climate, and creating a healthy earth for all.

Now is the time for a people’s movement to restore earth’s water cycles.